Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How did this trip come about?

I have been asked multiple times, "How did this trip come about? I had no idea you were leaving." Well the truth is, I hardly knew. :) But God knew. I don't necessarily feel called to be a missionary, but I have always felt a burden for missions and a strong desire to travel. I have met with God and talked with him about traveling and I remember vividly crying out, " I will go." Still have no idea where, but Lord, I will go.
Bro and Sis Showalter came to our church not long ago for a missions conference. I spoke with them briefly after the service and told them my desires for traveling and how jealous I was of their trips. They are missionary evangelist!! If that isn't the coolest calling ever:) They told me to talk with Pastor Trimble since he was preaching a missons conference in Europe the very next day. So I did:) I wrote Pastor T a post-it note with my name and a reminder to speak with anybody who might want a visitor. I told them the summer worked for me, since Im off all summer. Pastor told me to send him a text message later on in the week. I did, and he responded, "we may have a place in Germany for you". WOw, No IDea GERmaNY was in the mix. But Lord, I will go.
A couple weeks later I sent Pastor an email because I was signing up for graduate school and I needed to know whether or not to sign up for summer school. If I was traveling, I would wait for the fall semester. I didn't hear back so I proceded to sign up for school. I was going for summer school and to my dismay I could not register for summer classes because I didn't fill out the previous years FAFSA. I wasnt worried, still praying on the possibility of a trip that would consume my time.
Pastor emailed me back a couple of days later with a forward email from Bro. Robinnette who is the General Superinendent of German Speaking nations. The email was every answer I had hoped for. "Shannon Helm could not come at a more perfect time"... yada yada.... She can stay here, She will be working here, Pack you bags, Lets get going. WOW. I looked at my calender for the summer months. Im a pretty busy person. I had all of JUNE PACKED. The beginning parts of August PACKED> THe month of JULY.... NOT a SINGLE THING!!! Ok Lord. I will go to Germany for the Month of July.
I still was a little uneasy. I thought to myself, "I don't feel like I'm ready. What about my shortcomings, my insecurities, my messes. I'm not ready". I still needed confirmation before I paid for a plane ticket across the world. So my first devotion read something like this. " I have planned ahead for you. For in the midst of difficulites, I will be your support. You are hidden in Me; and I will multiply both the wisdom and the strenth in due proportion to meet the damands of every occasion. Rejoice, therefore, and face each day with joy; for I have planned ahead for you and make all necessary arrangements and reservations. I am your guide and benefactor. Put your hand in Mine." (Come Away My Beloved P 157)
My second devotion read something like this, "Grow up in Me now, so that you may develop into the full stature of men and women- even to the measure of the fullness of Christ. My purpose was not simply to bring you into My family to remain as babies or children. I am concerned with your maturity; with your growth in wisdom and knowledge of things pertaining to Myself, with the perfection of your ministy; and with the producing of the fruits of the Spirit in your life. You may resist Me becasue you feel unworthy or unready to be used. This is a delusion of the mind. I do not use you when you feel prepared, but when I need you and you are yielded. Indeed, if the time should ever come that you feel ready, I would then be completely blocked by your pride and would be forced to use someone else." (Come Away My Beloved P 161-162) Ok God, I will go.:)

So this is how it all started. I was afraid, I was nervous, I was anxious, but God confirmed it and I have to remember that I didnt choose God, God choose me and I choose to obey. Who am I to tell him, Im not capable of this task. He knows me better than I know myself.
Thank You God for my new life, my new dreams, my new ambitions and answering just about every little prayer Ive ever made:) You truly are my best friend:)
Thank You Pastor for making this trip possible and investing into me time and time again
Thank You Justin for confirming it before I even knew I was going
Thank You Amber and Cathleen for teaching me German (still know ZERO german), well writing me note/flash cards :) LOL, and booking my train on the german website!!
Thank You Jennifer for staying at my house and caring for Ms. Sassy Mehl
Thank You all my girlfriends for encouraging me to make this trip, and filling my life with laughter and love.
Thank You Family for shaping my life, believing in me and being excited for me
Thank You Sister for sharing the desire to travel and lighting a fire under my tail) :) :)
Thank You Mamanita for confiming this trip 2 days before, when my nerves were getting the best of me.
3 down (Haiti, Australia, and Germany) and many more to go:)