Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4 mile bike ride

Im for sure getting my physical and spiritual excerise here in Germany. Last night Pastor Scott and I rode down along the canal, to the port, to the main road and back home. About a 4 mile ride. It didnt seem that long and was gorgeous every step of the way. We stopped by a little resturaunt hut on the side of the trail where you could take a break:) It was so nice. Even at night we can ride because we have lights on our bikes. We didnt get back till about 11:00 PM. We stopped by two icecream parlors on the way home and both were closed so we went to the gas station and got icecream there.
I went to a fabric store yesterday too. It was so small and so different. The bolts of fabric were just stacked on top of each to the ceiling on every side of the store. I will try to post a picture. It cost me 9 euros for one meter of fabric!!!! WHew. Its so expensive here. Im broke already.LOL.

Today we are traveling to a military base to teach a gentleman a biblestudy. :) I love talking about God and sharing the things he has done in my life. God is REal and he is so Powerful and so Personal:) Praise GOD!!.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun! I was thinking yesterday that I love how balanced you are spiritually, mentally, and physically! I am so glad you are able to have time to exercise and have fun as well as witness and teach bible studies! Praise the Lord for my balanced sister!