Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taste and see that the LORD is GOOD.

It seems like in the last couple of days, things just started to get crazy over here. GOod crazy that is:) After Leonardo, things just keep getting better. Sunday was church and it was really good. Pastor Scott preached on Faith. SOmething I was wanting to read more about. We all could use a little more faith. :)! After service we went to Chilis to celebrate my time here in Nurnburg. It was my last Sunday here. We had a great time and laughed tons:) After Chilis, I went to the Icecream Parlor to meet with Marion and the girls; Evelyn, Grace and Faith. We ate more spaggetti ice there and then went to her grandmas house after. We hung out and had coffee and talked. Bro Gardner was also there since this is his grandma. Marion and Bro Gardner are first cousins:)
Monday I woke up and spent some good time with God. I also worked on cleaning and going through some of my new things. Trying to figure out where I am going to put all the stuff that I bought. I also listened to a great preaching CD and felt the Holy GHost right there in my room. Marion came and picked me up around four and I went to her house to watch a movie and help the girls with hair. I played around and showed them some tricks that I have learned from my beautiful friends.:) Thank You Ladies! I made her a sock bun and told her that bobby pins and hairspray are Gold:) I stayed for something small to eat. We had the german bread with butter, cheese, meat and cucumbers:)
Tuesday I woke up on time to a message from Bro Gardner. he told me that he rode on the canal and found on a bench where someone had wrote, Jesus Loves You, Jesus SAves, REad ACTS 2 for the plan of salvation.!:) That was me!! LOLOL I wrote that and I couldnt believe he found it. On all the benches that are at the canal he sat down on the one bench I wrote that on and read it. No one had any idea that I wrote that. Praise God. Now I know someone else can read it too. :) SO that started my day off really well. Then Sis Scott and Pastor informed me we were going to a german breakfast cafe and then the museusm for the day!!! This is where is gets good:) Whoo Whoo! I was so excited to see more of Germany before I left. I had a latte machiatto and a small sandwhich, the german way. I also had a strawberry cake thing. It was very good. We enjoyed ourselves and took our time.
Next we left for the museum. We first walked into the gift shop and I wanted to basically buy the whole store. Everything was amazing. I got a unique mouse pad and some postcards and called it quits. My flesh wanted more, but my wallet was screaming, stop!! SO I did:) I found out in the gift shop that they had a fashion section there. OMW! German fashion from the early centuries!! AHH I was in heaven on earth. I am so interested in all of this. So we paid 8 euros and proceeded to tour the museum which was beautiful. I was getting pretty tired and my back started hurting. If you know me, you should know that my back tends to hurt... I dont do much about it because I refuse to go to a chiropractor. There have been times it was so bad I picked up pamplets about Fibro Myealsia (NO idea how to spell that! period). Well my back was hurting I was walking funny to stretch it. Pastor realized this and told us that we would pray for my back. I told him that I was ok and that it really wasnt a big deal. He insisted. He told Sis Scott to lay hands on my back where the pain was. She did and we prayed right there in the Museum. Im not kidding you. We heard it pop and Sis Scott felt it and my back got super hot! A sensation swept through my lower back and the heat was there and the pain left!!! Im not kidding you!, God healed my back right there. I was jumping up and down and praising his name. I couldnt believe it. Nothing like this has ever happend to me before. !!! Thank You Jesus!!! Praise God. He truly is a healer. I seriously felt different and I was walking different too. It was amazing! :)

We went to a German resturaunt for dinner. I got some kind of soda,,, Pepsi and Fanta mixed. Cant remember what it is called. I ate german Schnitzel (sp) and potatoe salad! WOW> it was so so so good!! Everything here has so much flavor!:) It was fabulous and summed up my day with such excitement:)
I rode my bike on the canal that night to get away and to meditate on the goodness of God. :) he is so perfect in everything he does. I am so blessed! He is my best friend. I know I keep saying this but I really cant help it!~
Today is wednesday. I woke up and had breakfast here with Pastor and Sis Scott. She made Hawian Bread. Bread, a little bit of butter, cut up ham, a piece of pinnapple, a slice of cheese and you bake it. It was amazing! I continued to pack and then was picked up to go to the inner city with Evelyn. Evelyn is the one who was baptized. She is so sweet. We spent the day together and talked about life and life lessons. We rode the Ubaun to church and got some icecream before prayer. Sister Petra, Sis Kirsten, Evelyn and I prayed for a lady outside of the grocery store and she was totally crying. It was beautiful. :) We invited her to church. In Jesus Name. We came in for some music and prayer. and guess what. The HOly GHost fell and Evelyn got the HOLY GHOST!! I told her that she better get it before I left. Tonight was the last service and God blessed me while blessing her:) It was beautiful to watch her. :) !! Thank You Lord!!!! WE went and had outreach and we talked to a sweet sweet isalmic family. I got my pictures with them and truly felt the lords hand. Outreach was great. A great way to end my missions here. We went to McDonalds for shakes and fellowship.
I am hitting the sack now and getting ready for Munic tomorrow. Im gonna wear my Durndl. !! LOL. I cant wait. :) Its gonna be so much fun! Praise God! It will be my last day here in Germany. Im leaving on Friday morning:) I am sad to leave such great people, but excited to get home. I really will miss everyone so much here. GOd has truly blessed me with amazing friends here in Furth, Bamburg and Nurnburg Germany. Jesus hold us all together. In Jesus Name:)!!

I forgot to mention that most bathrooms (WC) cost money. You go in, take care of business and when you leave you tip the person (sometimes it is a guy who is in the ladies room) who is cleaning and keeping up with the toilets. If it doesnt cost, chances are the bathrooms are pretty bad. Thanks Danika for informing me to take change to the bathroom. WHo would have know! :)


  1. Okay, I am thrilled about your back. That is the super coolest happiest thing ever. So thankful for you. I do hope that you don't ever have to deal with fibromyalgia that's for sure.
    So excited that you are coming home soon but sad that you are leaving some lovely new friends. It seems as if this experience has been exceptional for you. From the various foods to bike riding to sight-seeing to seeing Evelyn get baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost to buying really fun souvenirs to witnessing to outreach to resting and doing devotions and everything in between, I know that you have been super duper blessed. But I still can't wait to see you.

  2. Shannon!!!! What a beautiful ending to your stay there. I'm so thankful Evelyn got the Holy Ghost. I can tell she really looks up to you and you made a deep impact on her. God has seriously blessed you! Keep being the beautiful light that you are. You are a walking testimony and witness for God. It's not a check list for you. It's an overflow. I know from the beginning God had His hands on this trip but now looking over it all, you have the evidence. :) You left Jesus prints on many lives and learned many valuable lessons....AND RECEIVED A HEALING!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I'm so glad you were able to go. But I'm so glad we get to have you back. ;~) I Love you and just cannot wait to hug your neck!