Monday, July 11, 2011

Much More

I am a couple of days behind.... A day or two ago I made my rounds with Bro and Sis Scott on the train/busses for my alone day trips. I also bought my pass that would get me on the trains for the month of July. I went for a longer bike ride to the blue bridge that runs side by side with the canal. I found a little red flower growing out of the rocks. God took me back to the book Hinds Feet in High Places. He reminded me of the red flower in the book called acceptance with Joy. As I rode my bike I began worshipping God for everything he has done in my life. Every once in awhile the air would smell so so sweet. Almost like honey sickles from my childhood. I stoped and took some pictures. I rode for awhile before I built up enough courage to sing out loud. As soon as I belted out the song in my heart two german young men rode past me and kind of looked back. LOL By that time I just kept singing. I didnt care anymore, not that they knew what I was saying! LOL. I really enjoy riding my bike. I am so getting one when I get back. It is so peaceful and so fullfilling. Just you, God, your bike, the bugs and the breeze:) Now I just need to figure out where I will store it.
I tested my 5 euro pair of rollerblades:) We greased up the wheels/berrings and went to the Duetchendit(?). We left just in time before getting hit by another terrible storm. We drove down the street to a little icecream cafe!:) It was so good!!!
On Sunday we had church. We got there at 9 for chior practice. 10 was sunday school and 11 was worship. A very nice gentleman who had never been there stood up and testified about the power of God. He was crying, I was crying and we just felt the presence of GOD:). I was able to give my testimony on Sunday in front of the congregationas well. It was tough.LOL Pastor preaches in English and Bro Gardner or Sis Scott translate the service in German. It was difficult to testify when you have to stop and wait for your story to be translated. Bro. Gardner did a great job translateing, but chopping scattered sentences.! LOL. After service we went to a small resturaunt called the Doner Kebab. They have huge pieces of meat that turn (like a pig roast expcept vertical) and they saw the meat off of while to meat is turning... It was really good. This was the first time to fellowship with other members from the church. There are two sold out young people. Bro Joey Ryan and Bro Tobias Gardner. They have ahold of God and they are on Fire! :) They would outreach all day everyday if they could. Bro Ryan leaves this thursday for Afganistan. Keep him in your prayers.
This morning Pastor Scott and I went to the tower that overlooks the city. We prayed for Germany with focus prayer of the souls we could see and the surrounding cities Furth/Nurnberg. We had a great time in prayer and felt God lead and direct us:) Nothing is impossible with GOD!. We had a nice lunch when we got home. Cold sandwiches with a hard boiled egg cut up on it:) A little butter/ cheese.! Yummy. I guess the germans are rubbing off on me because I have been prefering a little water with bubbles in my juice. It gives it a little more kick:) LOL.
This THursday I leave for Geneva Switzerland. I'll only be there for 2 days, but it will still be a great experience! :) I am excited about the trip as we will outreach the entire time we are there. Im missing my friends. Please write back and facebook/email me.:) And Karla, I love your responses!! thank You friend! :)


  1. Hi Shannon! I am happy to hear you are having a great time. If you get a bike I would love to ride with you here in the States. Matthew and I both have one and we love to ride on Katy trail. It is so hot here today though, 105 degrees. My dogs and I are just hanging out in the air conditioning until it cools down and I can go to the store and finish mowing the lawn! How did the roller skates turn out?
    I am excited to see how the Lord is working through your life in different ways. You are able to pray, outreach, give your testimony in church, and sing outloud in the middle of the street! LOL, you are great. I am missing you. Keep looking at the picture I gave you and remember how much you are loved here.
    You talked about the book Hinds Feet in High Places. Was the flower's name acceptance and joy? It reminded me of how we were studying Philippians the book about joy!!! Anyway, I hope you have a great day and I love you so much!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful and fulfilling time! I've wanted, for so long, to go to Switzerland. It looks so breath-taking in pictures. Take lots of photos! I wish I were there with you to ride bikes and eat ice cream. I miss you so terribly much! And I Love you muchlies! <3