Friday, July 8, 2011

Bike Rides and Sight SEeing.

Hello All! :)
Its now 9:24 am on Friday. Yesterday I slept till 2:00 pm. What!!!??? Im so mad. I set the alarm...., I have been waking up alot during the night so I guess my sleeping is not on schedule like I thought.
On Wednesday I took the bike out for a spin. I rode up and down the same street a couple of times before I ventured off to new places. I was afraid I might get lost so I was taking baby steps.:) LOL I finally went on a different rode and saw some sidewalk chalk writings. I stopped to take a picture and a little boy ran down and started pointing to direction of the arrow. He said something and I spoke back and said, Im sorry but I dont speak german... LOL. He just put his hands down and said something quietly. I noticed on the street that it said 50 Cent. So I rode back home to get some money. I came back and followed the sign. It was a little stand with about 5 or 6 kids selling paper airplanes!! AWWWW!! They had big planes, small planes, drawings/colorings and art with leaves glued on the paper. So SO CUTE! As I was walking up they started whispering to one another... LOL Probably saying, this american girl doesnt speak german, rip her off. Kidding.:) LOL> I just gave my 50 cents and they hesitated but gave me a big airplane... and then a small airplane... and then a picture. :) One of the boys kind of spoke english.. I told him he spoke great english and he smiled and said he only knew a little from school. THey learn english here starting in the 3rd grade.
I then came home on WEdnesday before we went to outreach. WE went to the church located in Furth... I actually live in Katzwang outside of Nurnberg... and Furth is a little ways away, not far though. The church is by other cooporations and they actually rent out one room for services. It is pretty small with about 16 members and 6 children (on WEdnesday) WE will see on Sunday. There is another room on the bottom level where the nursury is. We stayed for prayer and a short lesson... then we hit the park for outreach. WE loaded up our cars and found a place to stand. The majority of us stood in 3 lines and sang songs... Mostly in English becuase they say it sounds better than in German... (but we also sang some in german) 3 other individuals handed out tracts and talked with people who passed by. We had a couple that seemed interested:) I waved and said, hello, to everyone and only probably half said hello back. :)
On Thursday.. When I overslept till 2 was a chill out day. I rode my bike to the canal and did some reading. We went to the place where Hitler rallyed his troops (Zeppelintribune?) . I stood where he stood... Crazy. In Jesus Name. This city carries alot of bad spirits and you can feel a difference from the terrible history it holds. I looked around and took pictures as Bro Scott rollarbladded for a bit. A crazy viscious storm rolled in right as we were finishing up. It was creepy.
Now im up for the morning on Friday.:) Not sure what the day holds, but I am excited to see. I love you all and miss you very much! xoxo Feel free to email me or send me messages on skype/facebook or on here. It feels good to get messages:) They make me smile! :)


  1. Hi Shannon! How are you? It sounds like you have been having fun in Germany although I miss you! I missed seeing you on Wednesday at church. I am actually glad that you got a lot of sleep on Thursday. I always want to see you resting. When you rode your bike was it scary? Was there traffic you had to go around? The paper airplanes sound cute. Are you going to bring those home to the states? You talked about WWII and how you stood where Hitler ralled his troops. That sounds so crazy to me. I am really interested in that time period but would probably get upset just like you did if I was in close proximity to where he was. Well, I am going to let you go and I hope you have a beautiful day dear. I hope that this message makes you smile :)

  2. AWWW Reminds me of our bike ride. :o)PS the prego picture is because I posted a blog on oral health and pregnancy and haven't changed the picture. LOL

  3. Lol, Rachel! I was wondering who that was. I saw that there were two Rachels and thought maybe it was one I didn't know.

    How cute, Shanny! The little boys selling paper airplanes. That is precious! I wish our schools taught a second language from elementary age and up. It's easier to learn when you're young. So what's up with the crazy storms? Are they different from storms here? In my head, I picture this amazing country side with dirt roads but lots of green, too. Old brick and wispy winds. That's probably nothing like what you're in, huh!? lol Girls romanticize everything.