Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Beginning of Germany

OMW... Where do I begin? Well, I will start with I arrived to Nurnberg and found Bro Lewis who took me to The Scotts home where I am will be living. I am safe! I have met my family and they are amazing! I took a nap and my sleeping schedule should be up to par. I'm gonna back up a day or two and then I will tell you about today.
Karolina and I met a new friend Sasha ( a 17 year old from Russia) the day we stayed in the Holiday Inn. All three of us hung out the following day in the airprot before we left for Frankfurt. We did not leave Washington until 5:23. Our flight left on time and believe it or not we didnt have any problems!!! Praise God. I was hoping I would get an aisle seat but the very oposite was true. I sat in the very center of the plane with 2 people on either side of me. LOL To my far left was Leo Brown, a 20 year old who served in the Army as a med and stationed in Germany for the past 6 months. Next to me on my left the seat was empty! No one showed and we were able to place our extra things there so we had more space. To my right was Karolina and then to her right was a very nice lady who was on a businees trip to Venice for one day. LOL. Bummer. The trip was great, it went by fast:)
Leo and I discovered we both were riding the train to Nurnberg so we decided we would help one another out in getting there. God really sent me someone every step of the way and I was not alone at all! Leo waited and helped me as I discovered my luggage was lost and helped me locate a handy phone so I could call Bro Lewis who was to pick me up. I knew I would be running late. I spoke with a lady who spoke english and she was able to find my bags!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!
Our new journey began... Making it to the train station. I had three bags total. My carry on was stacked to the larger suitcase and my oversized purse topped it off. It was a little heavy and tiring... not gonna lie. I got caught up on the escalaitor a couple of times... dying laughing but I made it.
When we got on the train we went to the seated section across from a gentleman who spoke english and he helped me a great deal. He was the one who infomred us we were sitting in a resturaunt and that we needed to order something. LOL> The server came by and I ordered a tea which cost me 3 euros and Leo ordered a water without bubbles (everything is carbonated) which cost him 3 euros. LOL. He was still learning too and realized he should of just grabbed a soda or something. Leo was good company and we just talked about God, life and experiences. He has been to a pentecostal church a couple of times and he liked it:)
I arrived about an hour and a half later where I met Bro Lewis. He was very nice and we talked all the way back to the Scotts home which is Beautiful!! I will have lots of pictures to show you later. Bro Scott is American but came to Germany over 30 years ago in the service. He met his wife Sister Scott and they married and had one little girl. They stayed here in Germany. Pastor Scott has not lived in the states since he moved here. Their one daughter, who is now 28, lives in the states. I am currently living in her room. It's in the basement of the home and is very nice. Sis Scotts mother Louisa, who only speaks Dutch/German lives on the main level and the Scotts live upstairs. Her mom is 85 and is an absolute doll. I wish I could communicate with her because I know I would learn so much from her:) Today when I sat out on the patio to chill, Louisa came out to visit. She talked my ear off, in german, and I couldnt understand a word she was saying except "it is good it is good". But I enjoyed her presence!! :)
They set up a little gift bag for me filled with maps, books, candy and a bottle of bubbled water. I got cleaned up, took a nap and awoke to dinner on the table. It was so nice. Bro Scott served us chicken breast with great flavor, rice, german bread which was very yummy and cucumbers. After this Bro Scott showed me around the grounds of the house. He has an apple tree with two types of apples, two types of plum trees and a cherry tree. He also showed me Sis Scotts bike which has a BASKET and told me that I could use this during my stay!! We then took a trip to Nurnberg Castle and he showed me the inner and outer gates of the castle. We went to the shopping plaza too which was in the inner gates of the castle. We windowed shopped because all the shopes close at 8.
Bro Scott and I talked tons.! I feel honored to have such a godly man mentor me and guide me on this trip. He is truly filled with wisdom and experience. God knew what he was doing. I am safe physically and spiritually under his direction. Bro Lewis informed me a little bit about the Berlin contact. We will travel to Berlin by tain to meet up with her, talk with her and teach her bible study.
I was also asked if I wanted to attend a conference in Geneva, Switzerland in the middle of July! Absolutley!!!
I slepted in until 10:30 today:) I slept great!:) Bro Scott had a nice german breakfast set out for me. It consisted of the German breakfast breads (I don't remember what it is called) a variety of cheese and meats that you would put on the bread and a hard boiled egg. Bro Scott told me that alot of germans actually eat them soft boiled where it is not cooked all the way through. EWW. I was good with the hard boiled. I also had a bowl of yogurt, which was very tastey:)! Bro Scott and I shared testimonies and the blessings of God over breakfast. He ministered to me already and helped me to find a little more balance in my life. God did a work already this morning.
Im continuing in prayer for strength, encouragement and protection. God is so so good. Germany is definitly a different life, culturally and spiritually. My eyes have already seen things I thought I might come in contact with. I know I will walk away from this trip stronger than when I came. I already feel stretched and challenged. In Jesus Name!!


  1. So happy you have met so many wonderful people. From Leo to Sasha to Louisa to your family who is taking care of you! I'm glad the Lord has sent lovely people in your life. My dad goes to Germany a lot and really loves the bread there. He loves the different cheeses too and the chocolate! Have you tried any yet? I'm excited to hear about the conference in Switzerland. And I can't wait to see pictures of this castle! I am glad you are sleeping okay too. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Wow, Shan. This is so amazing. God has definitely ordered your steps. :~)

  3. I love the pictures Shannon! So great. It looks like Louisa is adorable! Thanks for posting!