Thursday, July 21, 2011

It is Good

:) I have had a wonderful past two days. On Tuesday morning I woke up and began packing again:) I was asked my Sis Petra and Sis Kirsten to go to the "country" with them where Sis Petra has a camper. The trip was about 45 minutes away. We drove through a cute little old town where we stoped to of course take pictures:) There was an old old church that pretty much looked like a doll house inside. It was a catholic church and there was a book there that you could write your comments in it. Sis Kirsten was sure to write out the plan of salvation with reference to Acts 2:38:)
We left the church and did some shopping in the cute town. I got some new little expresso spoons as a gift from Sis Kirsten. Even though I picked them out she wanted to give them to me as a gift. She had them wrap it up for me at the counter and then proceeded to give them to me! :) We stopped by an icecream parlor and got the "Spagettii Ice" Which consist of vanilla icecream pressed through a playdoh machine to make spagettii. It was placed over whip cream with strawberry sauce and sugar :) Yummy!!!!
We then found a place to buy the old german outfits called the Durndel. I have no idea how to spell it and I still cant pronounce it right. Pastor Scott told me about them the first week I got over here but we werent able to find them. Well we found a store alright and I tried on just about every one:) There were so many options. I found a modest one with the help of the worker there:) She was just beside herself that I did not want everything hanging out! LOL she kept nudging my top and telling me how the Germans wear them. I kept motioning that I didnt care how the germans wore them. I wanted to stay covered up! LOL. As we were deciding whether or not to get one I asked if they took Visa. That would make up my mind since there are limited stores that accept it. They didnt:( I was a little disappointed but I got a picture in the dress so it didnt really matter. She left and came back to tell us that her boss was going to make an exception and let me us my visa. Of course they did, she wanted to make the sale:). LOL. But I was excited. When else do you travel to Germany to buy a traditional dress (which was hot pink and blue!! LOL) I went to the check out and they couldnt get my card to run through. The cards here are different, they have a chip thing on them and they dont take the swip card. They were on the phone and it was crazyness. I look at the ladies and I said, if its God's Will then it will go through, if its not his will, it wont go through. I had given up at that point. As soon as I finished my sentence it went through:)! LOL. Sooo.... I got one!!! A nice one too:) Modest and all:) Bright pink and blue!! LOL with little deer heads on it too! Watch out, here I come! You wont be able to miss me!
We stopped by the store on the way to the camper to get some food for dinner that night. WE arrived at the cute little camper site. This was her uncles and he sold it to her a while back. There is an added portion of the camper, built on to make it more comfotable to live in. Three cats which have other owners know exactly when Sis Petra gets there and they were practically waiting for us on the steps:) Sis Petra is a doll!!!! So is Sis Kirsten!!!!!. I had the time of my life fellowshiping with them that night over a veggie/stirfry dinner and coffee for desert:)
It poured down rain that night. The WR (bathroom) was outside and down the next street. I woke up in the middle of the night to the rain which was so amazing, but it did not help the urge to use the restroom. I kept trying to focus on something else but the rain kept coming! LOL. I woke them and found out the emergency plan while in the camper. Not my favorite but it got the job done. I was finally able to rest the remainder of the night. :) Thank You Jesus.
We woke up and had a cup of coffee and some german bread and jelly. They took me to the Hauptbonhoff (spelling is wrong for sure) where the trains are. I left on a train to hit Bamberg where I met up with Sis Siegfred. She is another younger lady from the church, little older than me. We went out in this little old town and had such a good time. :) We got an applesauces/cinnamon and sugar crepe!!! Amazing!!!:) sigh... I will be back for sure! Perfect:) We grabed a coffee to go from Der Becks and hit the rose garden and the cathedrals there. Lots of pictures, lots of laughter and lots of shopping:)!!!
We went and had outreach last night:). We got in our "formation" as pastor calls it and sung our hearts out on the street corners. Meanwhile Sis Petra handed out flyers. SHe is a BEaST! SHe was talking to everyone!!! Long convos too:) Her testimony is amazing and when the Lord brings you out of the pit you cant help but to share it:) It was so inspiring to watch her reach the lost and to know that we were all in it together. I cant wait to come home... I want to get our church to sing on the corners. We could move mountains.! I believe it. Outreach is so rewarding.
Now I am off to the inner city for day two. I will do my best to just take pictures without spending a ton of money:) I get to spend the early evening there too. Pastor said I dont have to be home till 7 or so. :) Im excited. In Jesus name. Im going with GOd and will be back once again a changed individual! God Bless :)

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  1. You are a God charged individual! I know he is changing you too. Bless your heart. Did you like camping? I have no idea what WR stands for. Anyway, so excited about all of your singing outreaches. So happy for you. And I have to try some of that spaghetti ice!